April 26, 2024
In person & virtual
Boston Marriott
Cambridge, MA



Accelerating solutions and collaborations for planetary wellbeing

The (UN)conference

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Join us this 26th of April for a unique (un)conference with major leaders from critical sectors needing transformation in order to achieve 1.5 Paris agreement but also to respect planetary boundaries.

Climate change and its mounting consequences are the greatest and most urgent scientific and societal challenge of our age. We—as business leaders, investors, policy agents and thought leaders—must strive to make clean, accessible technologies and sustainable solutions available worldwide.

In the face of complex social and environmental challenges, our best efforts often only address a symptom, rather than root causes, even as unintended consequences create new problems. For this reason, the  goal of the 2024 MIT Sustainability Summit is to bridge the ongoing "collaboration gap" and hasten cross-sectoral action on climate change to accelerate solutions to achieve net-zero and planetary wellbeing bringing a systems lens to societal change mixed with innovation and acceleration methods.

This event is a call to action for those eager to engage in shaping a sustainable future. This is a conference for engaged and motivated actors who want to contribute to tangible outcomes for a more sustainable world. 

On February 13, 2024, MIT President Kornbluth recently called the MIT community to
meet the challenge of climate change with “the kind of grand creative enterprise in which the energy you release together is greater than what you each put in. A nuclear fusion of problem-solving and possibility”.

Join us in our forthcoming Summit to be part of a concrete cross-sectors and collective effort to address in a concrete way critical solutions to mitigate climate change.

What's an (un)conference?

We believe that an in-person conference must offer something distinctly more valuable and engaging than an online counterpart. This summit aims to redefine the conference paradigm by creating a dynamic platform for active contributors— individuals who are eager to contribute meaningfully to the collective endeavor of achieving targets and discovering systemic solutions.

Our 2024 summit promises the most exciting experience yet with interactive programming designed for a dynamic exchange of ideas, fostering hands-on application of knowledge, and driving the future of sustainable systems.

Schedule at a glance

Opening remarks

Systems dynamics: emergence strategy, leverage points, and acceleration of positive critical tipping points

Talk details coming soon

Sustainability Summit managing directors

Morning session

Respecting Planetary Boundaries

Talk details coming soon

Sandrine Dixson-Declève, CEO, Club of Rome

Morning session

Today's Challenge Statement: The Decarbonizer's Dilemma

Ninety percent of GHG emissions are generated by 20% of the economy. This is the “hard to abate” (HTA) sector, and decarbonization anywhere requires decarbonization here. Unfortunately, companies in this sector labor within product and carbon market constraints that limit economically viable emissions reduction efforts to sustaining innovation that delivers incremental change. This is valuable and necessary, but insufficient:  what we need is the near-elimination of emissions, and this often requires radical, system-level transformation that is likelier to emerge from a disruptive strategy. Dr. Michael E. Raynor will explain how the rise of renewable energy and electric vehicles provide a template for applying now-proven market mechanisms to a wide range of HTA commodities in ways that can enable deliberate, repeated, at-scale disruptive innovation – perhaps our only solution to the decarbonizer’s dilemma.

Michael Raynor, Managing director, deloitte

Morning session

Multiple Lenses

A series of 10-12 minute TED-style talks to provide audience with ideas, inspiration, perspectives from diverse stakeholders.

Laurens Speelman, the Rocky Mountain Institute
Kate Raworth, economist who invented Donut Economics Stephan Nicoleau, full cycle
more to come

Afternoon breakout tracks

Three hands-on workshop tracks

Apply systems thinking to high-impact areas through afternoon workshops and small group discussions. In our pursuit to address the planet's most pressing environmental challenges, we have identified three critical structural themes: agricultural systems, built environments, and supply chain transportation.

Agricultural systems

Accelerate progress in climate-resilient, sustainable agriculture. Discuss with industry leaders and dive deep into the challenges and opportunities of scaling these innovations.

Built environment

Cement and concrete are ubiquitous in the world we live in. Connect with major players pioneering lower-carbon solutions in built environments to decarbonize one-tenth of all global emissions.


Accelerate into the future of transportation with a positive tipping point case, illuminating the path to zero-emission vehicles.


Drinks and networking

Whether you're looking to exchange ideas, explore potential collaborations, or simply expand your professional network, join us for an evening of drinks, snacks, and continued conversations.

Join us April 26, 2024
Boston Marriott
50 Broadway
Cambridge, MA 02142

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