About the summit

The MIT Sustainability Summit is an annual student-run event that has grown to include hundreds of attendees ranging from professionals, academics and students. Past Summits have featured discussions with thought leaders and expert practitioners alike.

As one of the world’s preeminent research universities, MIT and its five schools --science, engineering, architecture and planning, humanities and social science, and management--are in a unique position to bring business and societal leaders together with academic researchers and students to address challenges in sustainability.We invite you to join us at the 2023 MIT Sustainability Summit as we explore the future of carbon markets.

Meet the team

Saman Baghestani
Co-Managing Director
MBA 2024, MIT

ABOUT: Saman is a 2024 MBA candidate at MIT Sloan School of Management.  Saman worked with the Sloan Sustainability Initiative to launch the world's largest curated resource hub for corporate sustainability practitioners to find sustainability help, information, frameworks, and tools.  Prior to Sloan, Saman worked as a product manager building web experiences.

WHY SUSTAINABILITY? Climate change is the single greatest risk and opportunity humans have ever faced.  We must act now to improve the quality of our lives, the health of the planet, and to ensure future generations can thrive.

Javad Musthaq
Co-Managing Director


Nwakaego Uzoh
Co-Director of Content

ABOUT: Nwakaego Uzoh (wah-kay-go oo-zoh) is a 2024 MBA-MCP candidate at MIT Sloan School of Management and MIT School of Architecture and Planning. Coming from a background in supply chain and innovation strategy, she pursuing a dual degree in business and city planning at MIT with the goal of driving change in the built environment. Through her research, she is looking to incentivize compassion and sustainability in the ways we live and work.

WHY SUSTAINABILITY? Knowing that today’s actions affect the future means that sustainability is non-negotiable.

Eugenia Carrara
Co-Director of Content
CTL 2024, MIT

ABOUT: Eugénia Carrara is a seasoned executive, renowned for her expertise in transforming the food sector through sustainability policies and initiatives. With over a decade of experience her career includes guiding top political figures, leading international organizations, mentoring startups, and serving on NGO boards.She has advised the Mayor of Paris and the Minister of Ecology, contributing significantly to food systems transformation with major players such as the OECD, the FAO, the EU and COP28. Specializing in strategy for innovation, and data-driven decision-making, her work is marked by a commitment to enhance systems change, leveraging AI for good, and sustainability. Eugénia's goal is to drive impactful changes in organizations committed to reach net-zero emissions, planetary health, and ultimately inclusive global wellbeing.

WHY SUSTAINABILITY? Sustainability is imperative in a world confronting global warming and breaching planetary boundaries. It demands a systemic change to maintain a safe operating space for humanity, underscoring the urgency to transform our actions. This shift is crucial to avoid ecological tipping points and safeguard planetary health, making it not just an option, but an absolute necessity.

Nicolas Cisneros
Co-Director of Content


Emilie Flamme
VP of Content
MCP 2024, MIT

ABOUT: Emilie Flamme is a Master in City Planning Candidate with a concentration in Environmental Policy and Planning. Her research focuses on climate adaptation strategies for coastal resilience. Emilie also works on Public Interest Technology research and is an Editorial Team Member of the Public Interest Technologist with Professor Larry Susskind. She is an MIT Sea Grant STREAM Grant 2023 recipient and a 2023 DUSP-PKG Fellow.

WHY SUSTAINABILITY? Climate change will continue to create unprecedented changes to our world and our communities, we must find effective pathways to confront these challenges head on. The 2024 Sustainability Summit is one step forward to tackle these challenges.

Benjamin Mejia-Tickner
VP of Content
MBA 2025, MIT

ABOUT: Ben is a 2025 MBA Candidate at MIT Sloan focused on the intersection of entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainability. Prior to graduate school, he worked as a process engineer focusing on the design and construction of water treatment infrastructure and environmental remediation. He is passionate about transforming businesses into becoming more sustainable and helping develop technologies to address climate change and soil and water pollution. In his free time, he enjoys traveling, photography, and exploring global cuisines.

WHY SUSTAINABILITY? As someone coming from the environmental services sector, I have seen firsthand the noxious effects of unsustainable business practices. As such, I believe that sustainability should be at the center of all business decisions if we expect to have a livable planet in the years to come.

Aliki Lavda
VP of Content
MSMS 2024, MIT

ABOUT: As a Sloan graduate student with a background in Chemical Engineering, I am deeply passionate about sustainable product development and social innovation. My expertise is rooted in operations consulting within the Energy and Healthcare sectors. Previously, I served as a Sustainable Product Manager for L'Oréal in Paris, where I further honed my skills in environmentally responsible product innovation.

WHY SUSTAINABILITY? I chose sustainability because I've seen firsthand the damage we're doing to our planet. It's personal. I want a future where nature thrives, not just survives. The Summit is my chance to be part of the solution, to learn, share, and push for real, impactful change.

Jenny Yao
VP of Content
LGO 2024, MIT

ABOUT: Jenny is in her second year of pursuing the MBA and MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering dual degree at MIT. She previously studied Industrial Engineering at the University of Toronto. Upon graduation, Jenny worked in engineering, management, and analytics consulting for over five years, where she collaborated with several energy and utilities organizations. In her spare time, Jenny enjoys working on climate tech startups, making short videos, watching musicals, playing basketball, and finding innovative ways to improve global sustainability.

WHY SUSTAINABILITY? It’s what our home planet needs right now and it’s time we roll up our sleeves.

Silvia Duque
VP of Content


Marissa Cui
Director of MARKETING
MBA 2025, MIT

ABOUT: Marissa is a first year MBA student at MIT Sloan. Her background is in product design and user research, most recently leading design at Stripe Climate / Frontier. She is interested in carbon management and the intersection of climate, tech, and design.

Aoying Huang
MBA 2024, MIT

ABOUT: Aoying Huang is a member of the Sloan MBA Class of 2024 and serves as the Co-President of the MIT Asia Business Conference. Additionally, she has been elected as a 2024 Siebel Scholar. Prior to Sloan, she worked as a Product Manager for Microsoft's Azure Cognitive & Applied AI Service and as a Senior Product Manager at Gartner, focusing on digital experience. She will join Samsung’s Global Strategy Group in South Korea post graduation. Aoying completed a double major in Sociology and Applied Mathematics-Economics at Brown University.

WHY SUSTAINABILITY? Exploring ways to ensure the world we live in remains livable, both materially and socially.

Jinia Sarkar
MS Environmental Health 2024, HARVARD

ABOUT: Jinia Sarkar is a second year M.S. Environmental Health student at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Prior to this program, she graduated from Georgetown University with a B.S. in Human Science and worked at a healthcare consulting company, Advisory Board, where she pursued best practice research on service line strategy and sustainability at hospitals and health systems. Her current research focuses on understanding flood events and its impacts on mental health, as well as tools physicians can use to address climate impacts on patients. In her free time, Jinia enjoys playing her clarinet and baking.

WHY SUSTAINABILITY? As someone who has witnessed her hometown face two 1,000-year floods in the span of two years, Jinia is passionate about decarbonization and natural resources conservation towards mitigating climate change.

Kathleen Bansil

ABOUT: Kathleen is part of Harvard University’s sustainability family and is excited to be a part of this year’s summit. She has been in the financial sector for over a decade and is currently serving as an Investor Relations Senior Analyst at NRG Energy. This career journey has fostered a deep commitment to create a collaborative world between finance and sustainability.

WHY SUSTAINABILITY? Sustainability is an integral part of our future. It is our pathway to ensure we live in a more resilient and equitable world. Our planet has been vulnerable for quite some time and with the evolution of sustainability efforts globally, more people are now realizing that sustainability is not just a trend, but a necessity.

Tunca Alikaya
EMBA 2024, MIT

ABOUT: Tunca Alikaya is 2024 Executive MBA candidate at MIT Sloan School of Management. He is currently scaling up SLB's (formerly Schlumberger) corprate start up Celsius Energy, focusing on geothermal heating and cooling technologies in the Northeast U.S. With over a decade of experience at Schlumberger, Tunca has worked in fifteen countries across five continents, in core oil & gas well construction businesses. His commitment to energy transition, and decarbonization is rooted in this rich global management experience. Tunca is deeply passionate about advancing deep climate technologies.

WHY SUSTAINABILITY? With a background in energy sector, I understand the critical need for sustainable and clean energy. And I personally can contribute to energy transition to fight against climate change.

Pincha Rutchatawuttipong
MBA 2025, MIT

ABOUT: Pincha is an MBA candidate at MIT Sloan School of Management, with a focus on Finance and Sustainability. At Sloan, she is involved in several leadership roles, including VP positions in the MIT Impact Investing Initiative, MIT Sustainability Conference, and Asia Business Conference. Her work experience includes a researcher role at a sustainability think tank, focusing on sustainable financial practice, and strategic roles at a major bank, leading significant migrations and digitization projects. Pincha is also the founder of the Route volunteer network, demonstrating her commitment to social impact. Her work embodies strategic insight, a dedication to sustainability, and a passion for creating positive change in the finance sector

WHY SUSTAINABILITY? Given the pressing climate challenges, I believe that prioritizing sustainability is essential, not optional. Stakeholders should adopt a long-term perspective in their decision-making processes to address these global issues effectively

Patrick Mundunga
VP of Content

ABOUT: As a dynamic and goal-oriented leader, my expertise lies in the realms of project portfolio management, social impact programming, and entrepreneurship. My professional journey is rooted in civil engineering, an educational path that began at Makerere University and is being further honed through a Sloan MBA Fellowship at MIT. In my career, I have embraced pivotal roles, including being the CEO of Africa Non-profit Chore (ANCHOR) and the Africa Regional Head of Office at Invisible Children Inc. These positions have not only allowed me to oversee projects with multi-million-dollar budgets but also to spearhead significant fundraising initiatives and cultivate meaningful partnerships. My skill set is diverse, covering strategic planning, adept data analysis, effective grants management, and innovative business development strategies. With a deep commitment to generating social impact, I have been instrumental in guiding and equipping youth towards successful career paths and enhancing resilience in communities facing social and environmental challenges. As a VP of Marketing of the MIT Sustainability Summit, I am passionate about sharing insights and collaborating on initiatives that drive sustainable development and positive change in our world.

WHY SUSTAINABILITY? Sustainability because I have seen, firsthand, the nefarious effects of climate hazards and energy poverty against underserved remote communities who bear the brunt of irresponsible development.